Operations and Processes

Is there room for improvement in your business processes, workflows, and project management strategies? Would you like to maximize company resources to put greater focus on mission-critical work and next-level success? Is your team using systems and procedures that trigger frustration?

If so, it’s time for you and/or your team to work with a process-oriented solutions strategist who can help you implement better, easier, and more efficient ways to operate. Contact me to discuss your existing “pain points”! Together we can work through CRM configuration, implementation, best practices, and ongoing administration; develop cross-training plans and document procedures in an easy-to-update format; enhance customer engagement tools to improve delivery of answers and impact; lead monthly check-ins with staff to keep all systems moving forward; and much more.

Personal/Team Productivity and Efficiencies

Do you rarely make it through your email inbox or feel caught up? Are you running from one meeting to the next with little time to tackle action steps that arose from those meetings? Do you have limited time to think, plan, mentor your direct reports, and grow professionally?

Whether you’re a solo entrepreneur, a member of the C-Suite, a key part of a support team, the administrator of your household, or anywhere in between, you can reap significant benefits from investing time to find more time! As a solutions strategist who thrives on helping others achieve “light bulb moments”, I help you benefit from efficiencies using a high-tech, high-touch approach that changes the way you work and achieve next-level success.

Stewardship of Nonprofit Time and Resources

Would you like to end each day feeling more energized than drained? Would you like to save time when scheduling meetings and responding to emails? Would your organizational impact increase if your team streamlined administrative work and spent more time with donors and clients?

With 20 years of experience in nonprofit operations, I understand the importance of stewarding organizational resources, staff time, and donor dollars. I’ll help your team members work more efficiently so that they can spend more time with donors, clients, and mission-focused activities.

When strategic processes and technology tools are maximized, your team’s impact is also maximized. Let me help you enhance your service to both internal and external constituents! Contact me to learn about time-saving tech tools; reducing bottlenecks; creating and documenting on-boarding and off-boarding procedures that are easy to carry out; identifying software programs that could do a better job talking to each other; and any other “pain points” your team is experiencing.

Time is your most valuable asset.

Are you aligning your day-to-day work and big picture plans in ways that steward that limited resource?

Let’s find time.